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Conception et production de bonbons gélifiés & emballage de produits d’hygiène personnelle, de santé naturelle.


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Certified NPN Manufacturing and Packaging (302632)
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Certified DIN Secondary Packaging (102019-B)
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ISO 22716 Certification


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about us

Located in Granby, our company, Fusion Solution, specializes in primary and secondary packaging for personal hygiene and natural health products. Additionally, we excel in the development and production of high-quality gummy candies. Acting as the assembly, packaging, and labelling department for major manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive solution from research and development to the final packaging of your products.


Established in 2012 to address a challenge faced by a leading custom packaging manufacturer, Fusion emerged as an industry leader known for reliability and superior quality.

Our Granby facility, double-certified by Health Canada, now spans 55,000 square feet with 10 packaging lines.


"At Fusion Solution, we sell trust. As the last touchpoint before your product reaches the customer, the well-being and dedication of our employees are crucial to our success. They are at the heart of every decision we make."

Carl Chausse


Carl is committed to providing superior service to clients with utmost respect for deadlines, offering the flexibility needed to support clients in achieving their goals.


At our Health Canada double-certified Granby facility, Fusion provides a turnkey solution for creating 100% natural, vegan, and gluten-free gummies enriched with multivitamins or energizing ingredients.

Made with pectine

Our gummy candies are crafted using pectin, a natural carbohydrate derived from fruits. Pectin not only contributes to the texture of gummies but also enables the creation of gelatin-free treats. By choosing pectin, Fusion addresses dietary restrictions and promotes a sustainable approach to gummy candy production.


Fusion Solution excels in both primary and secondary packaging for personal hygiene and natural health products.


Primary packaging involves wrapping a raw product in a container for direct sales. This is the product’s direct envelope. For example, vitamins in a plastic container.

Secondary packaging involves packaging products already placed in a container via blister or carton.For example, lip balm or deodorant presented in a plastic tube surrounded by a plastic shell (blister).

Ensure our business opportunity doesn't linger unnoticed in your packaging!