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on our team

I am privileged to have known Carl for several years, both personally and professionally, as well as having been his direct line manager at one time. He is, for any business, an important asset and a person with incredible resources and uncommon ingenuity. Constantly focused on the objective, he is able to strategically analyze the requirements and manage the implementation of major projects. In my opinion, despite his young age, his is a great leader whom I respect enormously; his entrepreneurial side, his drive to succeed and his personal qualities never cease to surprise. To know him is a privilege and to rub shoulders with him every day was a very enriching experience. He is dynamic and quick to grasp the important aspects, human or financial, of any project.
His ability to listen and his sense of responsibility have made him an example for many of us.

Pierre Prud’homme, Chief Financial officer – KDC companies Inc.