Quality control is our priority



Quality, a crucial element in our industry, is the building-block for all our work methods and production processes.  This aspect is ever-present in our factory and it is, very obviously, the top priority of the whole team.  It is very important that our procedures comply with the highest quality assurance and control standards.

Quality Assurance Systems

With the assistance of our partner, SNC Lavalin Division Pharma, we maintain a Quality Assurance System that complies with GMP requirements for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our training program ensures that all our employees remain up to date on GMP regulations.  Each and every employee is responsible for GMP compliance.  Quality is everyone’s responsibility at Fusion Solution!

Production Process Quality Control 

We have a preventive maintenance program in place for all our production equipment.

Our procedures allow us to control each and every step of production and thus, ensure that all our products are defect-free and comply with preset specifications.

Our change control system allows us to document and follow up on all changes and their impact on the quality of the products packaged/labeled at Fusion Solution.


We hold the following licenses from Health Canada: